Good FX option - Nikon D600

26 Nov 2012

Nikon D600 Review

Nikon D600 Review

Nikon D600 Cyber Monday Added Nov. 19, 2012: I now have 2120 clicks on the shutter and no more dust at this point. The mud appeared at about 1800. It was only one spot of “mud” but it surely was big and took multiple pictures of air to remove because it seemed to be caught on. I am not experiencing a pattern of dust as others have, just the large one. MY SN is 300xxxx.

Another word which can assist some. I’m utilizing SanDisk 32GB 45MB/s SD cards. I used an older, slower card in a pinch and it was approach too sluggish, particularly when shutter was on continuous. I recommend 45MB/s or quicker SD cards. I am taking pictures in RAW on 1st card and large JPEG on 2nd.

Authentic put up: Once upon a time I was an element time, medium format, film, photographer. Having put more effort into my full time career, pro photography glided by the wayside. I nonetheless stored within the loop with Nikon FE2’s for slide presentations, etc. Then the digital age came to town. Eventually, I purchased a D50 to take my daughter’s grad photos. They really turned out effectively, but the D50 seemed somewhat limited, particularly when working with my older prime lenses. I looked on the D7000 and was about to turn the crank when the D600 was announced. So, I bought one and am having a good time resurrecting my curiosity in photography. I’m additionally capable of copy my old 35mm slides with the PB-6 and PS-6. Being an FX, lenses similar to fifty five and 105 primes work effectively with the PB-6. There just was not an appropriate DX lens to do the identical with the D50 or D7000.

My previous primes work nice in M and A mode. Metering works, which is lacking on the D50 for AIS lenses. The ISO range up to 6400 seems to yield very good results also.

RAW file dimension actually taxes PC disk space for storage, however it is manageable. I am unable to think about this problem with the D800.

The only negatives up to now embody mud on the sensor and battery life. Never had either drawback on the D50. No oil on mine, however had to clean noticeable dust off once so far. The battery life is actual short compared to the D50. Would suggest a second battery for long shoots or wilderness wandering.

Prior to buying this digital camera I owned a D300 and have used a D700 several times. The D300 was glorious aside from low mild performance. ISO 1600 at greatest (just ok) The D700 was better, 3200 was equal to the 1600 on the D300. For me it was a toss up between a calmly used D700 and a D600. I purchased the D600 and am glad that I did. Image quality is superb and low mild efficiency remarkable. The colors (particularly pores and skin tones) look very natural and it nails exposure nicely most of the time. ISO 3200 is excellent and 6400 very usable. Lots of the menu choices are significantly better and extra subtle than the D700. Downsides - Come on Nikon, no laptop sync on a 2K camera?! Simply fastened with an adapter. The camera body is smaller and less sturdy than the D300/700. I’d have most well-liked it if they had neglected the video possibility and beefed up the body. DUST! Yes, I had some once I checked after about 100 frames. Not big amounts (high left primarily) but more than Id expect from a brand new body. I believed it was ‘oil’ from the way it seemed on the image (clean sky at f22). Nevertheless it was simply mud and cleaned off easily utilizing a sensor swab, pec pad and eclipse (it wouldnt come off usig my rocket blower) I am going to let you recognize if it accumulates mud in a short time after this. Please dont be afraid of ‘mud’ on the sensor. All sensors accumulate it and learning to clean them is an important ability to acquire. Its by no means more Cyber Monday Nikon D600




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