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    Canon 5D Mark III - Just an amazing product

    Canon 5D Mark III Review Canon 5D Mark III Black Friday -Upgraded from Mark II to this simply 2 month ago, and I’m very pleased with this improve even with some more money I had to shed for Mark III in comparison with Mark II. Awesome high quality, together with performance within the dark. Significantly better focusing in dark situations - this was one of my biggest complaints about Mark II, my Canon 60D did a a lot better job at a time. Now this has been addressed in Mark III. Great usability enhancements in control panel including live view. 6FPS is awesome to have. Video quality is just amazing. Having two cards is very good as well. High ISO high quality - it’s a noticeable enchancment over Mark II and 60D, though they also have a wonderful rating on this space. There a


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